How we make the ha ha's

In a nutshell

You give us your brief, your objectives, and your budget.

We give you comedic gold.

Highlights include:

  • Flat fee structure
  • Working remotely and digitally
  • Bravely approving work that will get noticed
  • Trusting us to deliver greatness

And having a lot of laughs along the way.

Outside a nutshell? See below

Freelance Creative Director, Renee Murray
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Media Planning

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We are advertising, branded content & social media specialists

At Comedy & Co. we create attention-getting, internet-breaking, award-winning content.

In a world where everything competes for your attention ideas must be “gettable” before they can be sharable. So we focus on simple ideas that can be summed up in one sentence and understood in one minute (or less).

No matter how much you spend on media, you can’t force people to like you. But from what we’ve seen, when brands surprise people with content they want to watch, share, and talk about, brands win.

That’s why we gather insights and develop the best ideas to create short, funny videos, content, and experiences that help people respond to your products and services with a smile.

Imagine the funniest thing that could ever happen. Now imagine this is a picture of us making that thing happen, and you’re there, and it’s even funnier than you imagined. That’s how we roll.

We deliver great content and great value

While you’re imagining things, try this: You just won the lottery and this is a picture of you on a bed, naked, rolling around in oodles of money. See why we couldn’t show that? But you saw it in your big magical brain didn’t you? And it felt great, even if you are still broke in real life. You’re welcome.

What you get:

  • Comedic cut through in an always-on world
  • More sharable content for less money
  • Access to Australia’s up and coming comedy talent
  • Deep experience in marketing & advertising
  • Creatively led development & production
  • The reach of TV without the expense
  • Earned engagement
  • Ratings & comments
  • Blog posts & influencer interaction
  • Advanced metrics
  • Stronger stomach muscles

How we make the magic happen: Outside a nutshell

Are we a fit?

We’ve both swiped right and now it’s time to meet and see if we like each other. Are we gonna “Netflix and chill?” Or is one of us going to suddenly feel unwell and need to go home?

You could be in Phase 1 right now and not even realise it.

Things start to heat up.

This is where the Tinder analogy goes tits up, and a Poker analogy kicks in. If you already have an idea then we’ll come to the table to discuss your wishes, dreams, desires and budget.

You must tell us your budget. Only you know how much you can invest. This number will help us determine if we can give you what you want for the money you got. Once we have your number, we’ll give you a “yes” or  “no.” If it’s a “yes” we’ll work on ways to deliver the best results for the win. If it’s a “no,” no hard feelings, and nobody’s time is wasted.

If you want us to generate ideas, then we’ll agree on an initial ante to cover the cost for us to go away, work our magic, and return with a minimum of 3 different creative territories. If you like one of them, we move to the next phase. If you don’t, now is the time to fold and walk away from the table as friends.

Time to get serious. But only for a sec.

Now we’re on to a sports analogy. If you liked our ideas and you want to proceed, the next step is to reconfirm your production budget and deliverables and put together a game plan. 

At this stage, we require 100% payment to begin work. This is because we operate on a flat fee basis. We’ll never show you a boring budget spreadsheet. You pay once which keeps things simple, efficient, and we never have to talk about money again.

Making the magic happen.

We have no idea what sort of analogy this is, but this phase begins once you’ve approved scripts or ideas, the money is in our account, and we start making beautiful, funny things together.

Shoot days are heaps of fun and we welcome your presence and input on set.

For everything else, we work remotely and digitally. This means that for most of the pre and post-production period…

  • Reviews and approvals will be done via email
  • We’ll manage the casting, editing, graphics, sound design and colour grading and show you what works best. This saves you from wasting time sitting in dark rooms overdosing on biscuits.
  • We’ll work backwards from key delivery milestones to scheduled approval times. If we strike comedy gold earlier, we share things sooner so we can all move forward fast.

We know it can be tricky to give up some of the creative control you might get with a more expensive and possibly, less funny, production company. The main thing to remember is that the Jam Jam phase is all about trust.

As Bruce Lee said, “Fear is the enemy. Trust is the armour.” So be like Bruce Lee. Just don’t hit yourself in the face with the nunchucks.

There will be hugging.

At this stage, there may also be some bad dancing involved.

Your fresh and funny content is signed, sealed, delivered – and all yours. If we’re doing the media, then things go live now, if you are, then you have the goods to immediately start showing and sharing.

We may find ourselves at the pub celebrating.

I loved all the small details in the script and laughed out loud reading it! You are so easy to work with and super responsive at turning things around when curveballs come your way.

Joel Pinkham Head of Growth Marketing

Comedy can be a hard thing to get right, but they made it happen on an excruciating deadline and I would absolutely work with Comedy & Co. again. When it comes to the detail of comedy they just nail it.

Renee Murray Creative Director

These guys are comedy experts so we just let them do what they do best, and they crack us - and our clients - up every time. If you want funny, you want Comedy & Co.

Amy Nadaskay CEO / Boss Lady

Everything funny I ever did was because of these guys. Also, this testimonial is totally fake and I didn't write it and I don't know them, and I'm thinking of suing them now.

Will Ferrell Actor, Producer, Writer