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Binural Bea(s)ts

The holidays are stressful so we used the miracle of modern science to make a video that makes you relax. You’re welcome.

When College Humour launched (with a U) in Australia, we scripted up a fake College Dean to welcome viewers and advertisers to campus.

Williams Pale Ale

If it’s organic, it must be good for you right? This video sometimes gets some groans, but always gets a laugh. Our gut feeling is that for a certain audience, this one is just plain delicious.

Camp Quality

Laughter really is the best medicine. To prove it we helped Camp Quality create video content to support their ambitious Pozible campaign. The end result? We exceeded their goals raising nearly $150k for kids with cancer for Christmas.

Maxima Paper Towels

As you can imagine this video got Maxima a LOT of attention across social and even got covered by Will Anderson on Gruen who said: “Unprotected four-play can lead to baby wipes.”


Melbourne Cool, in association with Laugh-Masters Academy and Comedy & Co, presented the highly-anticipated fourth instalment of this emerging home-made film festival.

A Shared House

We are thrilled to announce our first Chucklefund project, in collaboration with LMA student, Georgia Woodward, and freelance Comedy & Co. Director, Joshua Lundberg, we present Season 2 of the award-winning web series A SHARED HOUSE.