Maxima Paper Towels

Sexy? Yes. Funny? Yes. Gross? Maybe.

As you can imagine this video got Maxima a LOT of attention across social and even got covered by Will Anderson on Gruen who said: “Unprotected four-play can lead to baby wipes.”

Client: Reborn / Emporia Paper
Services: Creative Development, Scriptwriting, Production

Bravery sells

It’s simple: If you want to get noticed, do something brave and risque.

This video got over 10k views in its first launch period and got lots of free media exposure too – and it’s still getting shares and views.

One of the reasons it works so well (besides being sexy AF) is because we intentionally ignored all the category norms – no single mums with messy kids, no close-ups of the product absorbing weird blue liquid, no comparisons to another leading brand, no puppies.

Zig when others are zagging, and you’ll get the attention you crave.

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