The LMA Sketch-a-thon is coming!

The Sketch-a-thon is a weekend sketch comedy writing and video production program.

It has been designed as a low cost, low commitment way to help a new generation of funny people refine their screenwriting and filmmaking skills, work with some of the best comedic talents in Australia, and add to their showreels over the course of a single weekend.

The goal of Sketch-a-thon is to have a great time, learn a ton, and produce funny stuff. It is not about perfection or Hollywood level production. It’s about getting out there and making things.

If it goes well and we have enough interest LMA will run Sketch-a-thons every term, perhaps even monthly.

The great thing about comedy is that if something is truly funny, you don’t always need high production values – just look at some of the most viral videos you see – shot on phones, dash cams, security cameras – if the idea is great and the talent delivers, the comedy will take care of itself.

If this sounds like fun to you, come along to the LMA Sketch-a-Thon! Meet new people, make funny stuff together, get screen credits, and remember, there’s no such thing as failure.

Interested parties should join the waitlist now so they can be first in line when we kick things off.

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